Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development

About the Journal

Aims and Scope


Product: Management and Development (PMD) is an international and open access publication platform dedicated to the dissemination of original, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research on innovation. 

Innovation at all levels of analysis: macro-, micro-, and technical levels

The broad scope of the innovation concept is what sets it apart. The journal accepts research with different levels of analysis to promote the relationship between theories. It publishes research in the macro-level sphere, such as innovation environment, national and regional policies, ecosystems, networks and organizations; further, it considers research in the micro-level, involving various aspects of users and consumers, agents (teams, designers, and engineers), intellectual property, technology, and products. It particularly focuses on issues that bridge the gap between theories generated at different levels of study, thus creating a space for interaction between macro and micro-level researchers in innovation.

Innovation at all knowledge areas: inter- and trans- disciplinary

The journal encourages contributions from various areas of knowledge that exist in the field of innovation, such as the following: Technology Management; Project Management; Entrepreneurship, Creativity; Engineering Design; Design; Systems Engineering; Knowledge management; Ergonomics; Systems Engineering. Manuscripts from all these areas of knowledge are welcome. In addition, other fields on Technology, Sciences, Engineering, Business, Administration, and Economics will be well received if connected with innovation. 

Articles published in the journal

There are three types of articles that can be published: original research; original cases; and book or paper review. 

Origin and development

The PMD is a publication that began in 2002 and has been maintained ever since by the Institute for Innovation Management and Product Development (IGDP in Portuguese), which brings together researchers and professionals from different fields of research, regarding management and development topics. 
The term “Product”, as presented in the original title, summarizes now all results of innovation processes and claims for research about all forms of business models, goods, services, or a combination of products and services (e.g. Product-Service Systems). The term “Management” summarizes all management aspects involving macro-levels (National and Regional Politics, Ecosystems, Network, and Organizations) and micro-levels (Users, Teams, Designers, Engineers, and Human factors). The term “Development” summarizes the technical system aspects, including advances in theories and best practices about hardware and software development, mechanical systems, materials engineering, software engineering and other areas. Combining these elements, the journal exists to promote the exchange of ideas originated in broad areas of knowledge in innovation. 

Submission and benefit to authors

As an open access publication, all published articles are accessible in digital form cost-free, thus increasing the impact of your research. Authors should submit their papers using the web link provided here:

Journal Topics

  • Transdisciplinary innovation 
  • Product management
  • Product design
  • Engineering Design
  • Technology Management 
  • Design 
  • Ergonomics
  • Creativity
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge management
  • Entrepreneurship


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