Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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The role of the web in improving customer input to the service/product development process: Brazilian cases

Cláudia Aparecida de Mattos, Fernando José Barbin Laurindo

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Nowadays, the economic scenario, sometimes identified as “The Digital Economy” (TAPSCOTT et al., 1996) or “Digital State” (MARTIN, 1997), is vastly known for the increasingly critical role played by Information Technology (IT). In this context, this study aims to investigate how concepts related to the New Economy have been applied to product and services development processes that emphasize customer relationship aspects. In order to investigate these aspects, the adopted methodological approach was case study (YIN, 2002; CLAVER et al., 2000). This research analyzed through two case studies how these companies have been using IT tools to support service/product development processes and which results they have obtained regarding productivity using such initiatives. The preliminary results allowed the identification of enablers and tools to support the development of a new service/product as well as the identification of the components that are used during the innovation cycle of product creation in the New Economy.


information technology, internet, virtual customer.
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