Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Ergonomic intervention at loads storage and transfer on vessels of Amazon State

Rita Carolina Dias Santana Duarte, Nelson Kuwahara

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The Amazon State waterway transportation has weaknesses, especially regarding the conditions of vessels which, in general, are unsuitable for transporting people and cargo. In many cases, they navigate with the number of passengers and loads over their capacities and transport both of them on the same deck. According to the Ministry of Defense (BRASIL, 2006) norms, passengers should not share the same deck with loads. This situation occurs, among other reasons, because the boats do not have a suitable place to store products. Furthermore, due to lack of ergonomic equipment for loads transport, improvisations are performed by the stevedores to reduce product loss. In many cases, they carry too much weight on their heads and backs. According to Dul and Weerdmeester (2004), the manual lifting of cargo is one of the biggest causes of back pain. On this premise, an ergonomic analysis in the region boats was performed with the aim of proposing improvements to the existing conditions. The ergonomic methodology proposed by Moraes and Mont’alvão (2003) was used. Some alternatives for loads storage on decks, product transportation equipment and access to vessels were proposed. These solutions optimize the load storage and transfer in the Amazon vessels.


vessels, loads storage and transfer, ergonomics, product development.
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