Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development
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Creativity in design and process problems with triz (theory of inventive problem solving)/systematic innovation

Marco Aurélio de Carvalhoa, Claudinei Garcia Buzinarob, Gustavo Garbuio Brandalizec, Luís Gustavo de Medeiros Chagasa

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Can creativity be systematic? Many people have a visceral negative response to this question. Some would say that it is a contradiction, Actually, with strong support from the concept of contradiction, TRIZ (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving)/Systematic Innovation (TRIZ/SI) offers those companies and individual entrepreneurs who are interested in the development of their products and processes, the possibility of systematizing the ideation process. In this article, two examples on the application of TRIZ/SI are presented; one in the conceptual design of a fabric softener dispenser in a washing machine, and the other, in solving a pipe welding problem. Initially, the objective of the study is established. Then, the general methodology utilized in both cases is presented. The cases are then described. Lastly, conclusions are derived based on the results obtained.


theory of inventive problem solving, systematic innovation, product development, fabric softener distribution, pipe welding.
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