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Product: Management and Development
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From visualization to discovery, a transdisciplinary framework to re-engineer engineering practices

Federico Trigos, Francisco Tamayo-Enriquez

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One way business students apply theoretical knowledge and enhance their decision-making skills is by using digital simulators and seldomly in real life due to the strategic and economic nature of the consequences involved. Besides, engineering students practice their knowledge and skills in laboratories and or actual companies, in many cases, due to the economic and tactical nature of the decisions involved. Due to the COVID pandemic starting in 2020, many engineering schools closed their laboratory access while companies also paused their students' involvement. Hence, many engineering faculties searched for new ways to keep educational schedules and standards. The contribution of this work supplies a transdisciplinary framework (involving faculty, students, and practitioners) to redesign engineering practices to achieve and improve pre-pandemic learning levels. A Six Sigma experience using a web-based Virtual Reality production facility illustrates the framework through three iterations: one-way information flow, two-way interaction with limited capabilities, and complex systems simulations to explore sophisticated challenges. Results show that students experience a more substantial engagement in these novel practices where they expose themselves to challenges that, in many cases, could not be possible in a real-life experience due to safety and economic consequences.


digital and open learning for engineering, engineering education, experimental design, interactive simulation for engineering, transdisciplinary design.


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