Product: Management and Development
Product: Management and Development


Volume 17, Issue 2, 2019

17(2), 2019

Original Article
The role of DFMEA in the integration between product development and quality engineering: cases in large companies Fernanda Campos Bueno, José Carlos de Toledo, Sérgio Luis da Silva
How to develop IoT products: a technology company case study Diego de Castro Fettermann, Eduardo Alves Kloppel, Caroline Gobbo Sá Cavalcante, Marianne Costa Avalone, Lynceo Falavigna Braghirolli
CREATION: creativity techniques to generate ideas of new products Marcela Fernandes, Mario González
Test planning based on ontological models constructed from product usage profiles Lucas Barboza Zattar Paganin, Milton Borsato, Juliana Schmidt, Augusto Domingos, Roberto Shigueru Sato
A country-specific evaluation on the feasibility of autonomous vehicles Tatiana Novaes Theoto, Paulo Carlos Kaminski
Fast fashion model product development system: a case study in a brazilian shirt manufacturing Flávia Nunes Ferreira, Eduardo Romeiro Filho
Analysis and targeting of waste paper/polyester composites after weathering Jussara Smidt Porto, Clarissa Coussirat Angrizani, Eliana Paula Calegari, Sandro Campos Amico, Lauren da Cunha Duarte
Development of products aimed for the tactile perception of children with visual disabilities Roberta Kelly Cardoso Fernandes, Nataly Araújo Pinheiro, Livia Juliana Souza Solino


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